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Noam's Method

Creative Tuning

Creative tuning offers a way to refine the body-mind-spirit

dance, to a life with less pain and more creativity.

There are three main types of work I offer that are grounded in the Feldenkrais Method: Group work, Personal coaching, and Master classes.

The goal is to define and augment the performer’s unique abilities as an instrument of expression.

Personal Coaching

Achieved by a special conversation with the performer's body, by gently moving the skeleton and the muscles in a very delicate manipulation, tuning it into places of new freedom - places that were beyond his / her habits, perception or imagination.


Through the personal coaching we will recognize and solve individual problems in posture, and help to integrate new options of movement to the specific body and personality to achieve improvement in the act of performing.

Group Sessions | Floor Work

Floor work consists of a series of movement lessons especially for performers of various types. The lessons will create a practical “Tool box” to fine -tune the performer's body.


Each series of lessons investigates a specific subject in order to create a clear image in
the brain of the body and the movement that will allow the performers to reach higher potential in their actions.

Master Class

In this session we will do intervention while singing / acting / playing related to the physical organisation and intention of a specific piece in front of an audience. It will allow us to search for qualities of freedom and integration when we perform.


My work aims to integrate the many aspects that make any performer a unique artist,
creating awareness to the body, the personality, the emotions and feelings at any given moment.

Design your own workshop

Feldenkrais workshops can be organized and booked for any group of people.

Whether opera studios, orchestra academies, established ensemble, festivals, conservatories or music-schools.

Keep in mind that my list of workshops is intended merely as a guideline.

Special requests to meet the needs of any group or unique situation are welcome.

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