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Expand your instrument
Five hours
Secret doors for singers
Full day
From a professional
singer to a unique artist
3-10 days

A series of workshops, 5 hours each, that provides long lasting tuning and development tools for musicions. Like violin makers and piano tuners, singers too need efficient tools for their development and tuning there body. 

Floor work and a master class, coaching and demonstration on selected singers to achieve higher presence and involvement in singing. 'Secret doors' that every singer must know.


Several days that include a combination of an hour and a half floor work and a marathon of personal coaching (half an hour for each singer/player. 

The personal coaching should be done part time in a group with an accompanying pianist and part as personal lessons.

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Special requests to meet your needs or unique situation are welcome.

Workshops can be organized and booked for any group of people.

Workshop by Theme 

The Performer's Tool Box

Where is Your Horizon?

The way we look and how we perceive the world affects all our actions. We can see, listen, and sense through the cranial focus hole, or we can experience our senses as through a ‘wide-angle lens’, a broader view. Both views or functions are important, and the ability to shift from one to the other creates freedom, wide perception, and gives a new sense of self. The workshop focuses on these functions as well as on how our eyes are coordinated by muscles that can create tension in the neck, head, and spine—tension which is reflected in our posture, singing, acting, and breathing

Spare Ribs

The space between our ribs is not called the rib cage for nothing. But are we confined in it? The role of the chest is to protect the heart and lungs, and it is the center of our emotions. But does this protection give us the freedom to feel and breathe freely?For most of us, the chest and some of the ribs have not experienced any movement since infancy. Any expression of emotion—laughter, crying, shouting, speech, and song—is dependent upon the movement of the ribs.In the workshop we will learn how to organize and flex our chest and ribs in ways that will affect our breathing as well as our overall emotional sensation.

Free Hip and Loose Jaw

Our movements originated in the depths of the oceanas tubular creatures swallowing and emitting water. Although we have evolved since them, deep neural ties still connect the ends of this tube, affecting our own movements. Sucking is the first movement of an infant, his first step in the world. In this workshop, the lessons will focus on the close connection between the pelvis and the jaw; on the ability to release our jaw muscles by releasing muscles along the spinal cord, and on how releasing the pelvis muscles may organize our entire movement.

Happy Pelvis: The Pelvis as Your Engine

Rolling, crawling, dancing, standing, sitting, singing, and love-making—the pelvis affects it all. We may understand that motion theoretically, but a sensual experience of a free pelvis is not available to all of us. In a series of classes we will clarify the movement of the pelvis and create new spaces of freedom. A change in the way the pelvis is held provides us with a new source for our strength to act, to enjoy, and to be in the world.

Cat Spine

Cats are the symbol of flexibility and of comfort due to the way they move. Unlike cats, we have plenty of vertebrae in our back which we never mobilize.During these sessions we will intimately familiarize ourselves with the options of folding, bending, and arching our back. The possibility of living with a freer spine can change not only our height, but also our entire posture, our breath, the way we are in contact with the ground, and the way we express our inner music to the world and ‘dance’ our life in every step we take.

Be Your Own Alexander Teacher

Feldenkrais admired the genius of Alexander and the idea that organizing the neck and head movement releases and heals the entire system. Is it possible to do this on our own? Lessons in this workshop will deal with organizing head and neck movement in relation to the entire spinal cord, and with the differentiation between the movement of the shoulders and the movement of the neck and head. Free your head—free your mind.

Be On Your Feet

A house is built from its foundations, our posture begins with the way we are connected to the earth: any small changes in the way we touch the ground will be reflected in all our actions.In this workshop we will direct our attention to the far end of the body and how our feet and our contact with the ground affect our entire spine to the top of our head. We become conscious of how each step builds our posture,

The Choir As a Body | The Body As a Choir

This is a workshop designed for choirs or any ensemble. It focuses not only on the personal development of the singing/playing of each individual within the choir, but also on creating a synchronized and unified choral body by exploring a selection of group exercises.

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