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Creative Tuning

Noam Holdengreber

Feldenkrais Teacher

Creative tuning offers a way to refine the body-mind-spirit

dance, to a life with less pain and more creativity.

Lesson of the month

In this lesson we'll be laying our back, freeing the hip joint in relation to the shoulders.

Gentle Crucifix Twist
00:00 / 39:23

 In propria persona

Salzburg - mozartaum - worksop for director 
oct 22- jan 2023
TAU - Tel Aviv university - movment reserch for actors 
17/1-27/2 2023
Tel Aviv museum of art  - prephoremens 
21/1-24/2 2023
Boswil -Switzerland  composers workshop
27/2-15/3  2023
Colloge of  Mangemnet israel , seminar for teachers
teaching through the body
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