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The Feldenkrais Method as I See It

The Feldenkrais Method is a technique to develop awareness and improve mental and physical abilities through movement. Its basic aim is to expand the repertoire of possible options of acting and moving,

and to increase perception and awareness.

During the sessions, the student experiences new dimensions of what the student perceives to be his or her own range of physical possibilities. The learning process takes place through somatic experience, through body contact (the teacher’s touch), and through movement. In this way, the student gains new insight on his or her patterns of movement,

discovering new ways to move and act. Increased awareness leads to new options. The sessions reach deep into the conscious and unconscious levels of the person and trigger both emotional and physical change. New paths to movements and experiences which hitherto may have been blocked are opened up.


The student learns new ways of being present and of being aware, posture changes, breathing and movement become easier and, at the same time, more focused. In short, there is a new sense of physical freedom.

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