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Feldenkrais for Singers

With opera singers, there is no distinction between the player and the instrument and Just as every musical instrument must be tuned, so, too, must a complex instrument like the human body. In this context, Feldenkrais lessons can therefore be seen as a “tuning of the body-instrument”.

Experiencing one’s own body within new and refreshing contexts through Feldenkrais will broaden the existing repertoire of creative possibilities, strengthen personal presence, and deepen the abilities of each musician and person.

This allows greater focus and precision of physical expression. During the Feldenkrais lessons, we concentrate on psychophysical connections which, due to their hidden nature, are not generally taught as part of a regular music education.


Body awareness and the ability to use the body- mind -emotion  wisely allow the artist to adapt to a multitude of external factors, and form the necessary basis of professional singing.

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